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The images and text (content) on this web site are the intellectual property of Jasmin Martin. Those images which have been outsourced, have been properly credited.

Crediting Vanaheimr

If you’d like to use any of the stuff on this web site not-for-profit, then I only ask that you back link or credit us appropriately. If there’s something you’d like to use with the intention of making money from it, then please contact me first.

Privacy policy

Privacy is important to me. I don’t sell or give away your personal details to anyone. What you send to me in an email stays confidential between you and I. You’ll be asked first before being added to my mailing list.

I use WordPress as my content management system. WordPress uses cookies when you log in to comment on a blog post or to register yourself. Other than that, this site doesn’t use any other cookies.

I don’t use Google Analytics or any Google programs.

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I link to pages located on external web sites. I do this to provide information which may be of interest or educational. However, I’m not responsible or liable for the content or the security on any external link. External links have their own privacy policies and methods for collecting data. Please inform yourself about these, while visiting them. However, I would like to know if you experience anything strange or suspicious.

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This web site uses WordPress and the Paperback theme by Array Themes, which has been customised a little by me.

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