What I stand for

If you like my site, then you may be interested in knowing what I stand for in a philosophical sense.


Encouraging people to show strength of character, by cultivating self-respect and self-belief. Celebrate who you are. You have the right to be here. Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means facing opposition. Have the endurance to continue going, even when the going gets tough.


Encouraging people to see the inherent natural beauty in life, as well as within themselves. Lighten your mind and replace negative self-messages, bitterness and criticism with words that strengthen and motivate the spirit.


Encouraging people to not rely on the world to entertain them. We are all born with the power of imagination and play. Creativity is where problem-solving and intuition come together.


Encouraging people to demonstrate common sense and act like a decent human being. We may not get along with every person on earth, and we may not even like them, but we can always show decency. Another word for decency is ‘consideration’. It more or less means: use your head.


Encouraging people to develop consistency and endurance. Discipline is not a task when you adopt nature’s way; it’s simply a way of life. You can make it as fun as you want too. Be disciplined … because you know there’ll be a good result in the end.


Encouraging people to embrace who they are. We cannot escape who we are, or what is inside of us. Find your reflection in nature. Nature’s essence is an inseparable part of who we are.


Encouraging people to collect as many experiences as they can. There is no substitute for real life. Don’t be afraid to go out there and mistakes, but also learn from them. Sometimes you have to take a risk.


Encouraging people to look beyond structure and definition. Not everything has to be labelled, explained or understood. Some things just are. We cannot control everything in life, nor is there any reason to.


Encouraging people to free themselves by assessing what they really need to enjoy a happy and harmonious life. Freedom also means taking responsibility for what you want, no matter what or where it is.


Encouraging people to see the value in what they have right now (and not what they don’t have). Take pleasure in the smallest and simplest things in life. And if you don’t have what you want today, tomorrow is another day.


Encouraging people to speak openly and directly but also respectfully and thoughtfully. Moreover, thoughts and emotions can often be ‘read’ or ‘felt’. Self-honesty makes living with yourself a whole lot easier.


Encouraging people to laugh at themselves and life once in a while. Try not to take things too seriously. Humour is the fastest way to connect people.

Independent Thought

Encouraging people to think for themselves, rather than wait to be told what to think, do and feel. Discover who you really are by stepping out of the shadows. Through this realisation we can recognise who we are, without anyone or anything else defining us.


Encouraging people to observe and respect the original idea of justice (an eye for an eye/cause and effect), and to think twice about what they do, think or feel. Ultimately, everything comes back to you, no matter who you are.

Natural Authority

Encouraging people to be leaders of their own lives, rather than having to be ‘led’. Teamwork is about being a leader for yourself and seeing yourself mirrored in the rest of the team.


Encouraging people to avoid lazy thinking and cheap imitation. Use your own mind. That’s why we have one.


Encouraging people to stop blaming others for their misfortunes and start taking charge of what they do, think and feel in their lives. Own your feelings, thoughts and dreams.


Encouraging people to find and learn ways to not waste their precious human resources, such as time, money, emotions, as well as precious natural resources. They don’t grow on trees. Not yet anyway.


Encouraging people to take time out every now and again, instead of being switched on and available 24-hours per day. Slowing down and switching off are as essential as breathing air and drinking water. Take your time, there’s no rush.


Encouraging people to keep things simple. Simplicity is about experiencing life in its essential form. It’s the realisation that nothing needs to be added or taken away. It’s perfect as it is.

Spiritual Insight

Encouraging people to use channels other than science and religion to explain the way the world is. Truth is highly individual and can be experienced through many filters or without any at all.


Encouraging people to think practically about the long term and beyond. Everybody can do their little bit with the choices they make today.


Encouraging people to see that change is one of the constants in life. Transformation helps peel back the layers so that we can reach an ultimate state of being.


Encouraging people to unite their thoughts and work towards a common goal. The power of one – of a unified mind – can be very powerful. Combined with another self-sufficient spirit, this power is increased. Unity means working seamlessly together, without ego. Having no beginning and no end.

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