The path less travelled

To undergo a thorough and comprehensive training in the spiritual arts, one typically needs to belong to one of the major religions or the new age scene. But when you’re not a believer of any major religious construct and don’t see yourself as a new age follower, what alternatives exist out there?

Before religion and the new age scene took over, ancient cultures and their beliefs were oriented around nature and its cyclical processes. People underwent rituals and initiations to prepare themselves for life. Understanding and wisdom was based on individual experience and perception, not on enforced doctrine and truth. Each person had to determine their reality and truth for themselves. They were forced to reflect and use their mind, as well as their senses.

In modern times, scientific, medical, financial and technological excellence is heralded as the pinnacle we can achieve. To give this all up for finding the real meaning of life is seen as nonsensical. Not many are willing to turn their back on society in order to pursue spiritual and intellectual freedom. It’s a road less travelled, and often a road travelled alone.

How far are you willing to go for what you deem essential in your life? Are you willing to compromise your values and principles for the sake of not being seen as an outsider?

This web site explores the path of the hermit, shaman or spiritual warrior – the one who functions and exists outside the borders of society’s rules.