In Norwegian Skogsfru means ‘lady of the forest’. Skog is forest and fru is lady or woman. In old times, the lady of the forest was typically seen as a wise woman or spirit of the forest, who protected nature and all that it represented, as well as brought misfortune on those who didn’t respect it. She is/was known by many names, not only in Scandinavia, but also throughout continental Europe and other places around the world. Being a guardian of nature and a nature being herself, she possessed supernatural powers and strength. Such abilities were known in Scandinavia as Seidr, which is what the Scandinavian wise women, or Volve, practised.

I use the online identity Skogsfru to associate with the image of a nature spirit: preserving the old traditions, original ways and beliefs that predate any modern religious construct, as well as protecting and supporting nature.