Original ways

Some people find it necessary to believe in only one thing or the other; to say only that thing is right and not the other.

I prefer to focus on the essence behind a concept, philosophy or experience, rather than get lost in definition wars and the battle of semantics.

Let me explain what I mean. Let’s take shamanism, witchcraft and heathenism, for example. There are so many different forms of each; each with their supposed official definitions, rules and followers. Yet, essentially, all three of them define a form of being, a system of belief and a way of living that respects nature and taps into nature’s supernatural energy.

Whether you are an indigenous person or not, you can still be a shaman, a witch and a heathen; moreover, you can exist without the need for one of these labels to define you. For me that is the real challenge, to exist without a label or structure. Simply ‘to be’. This is what I call nature’s philosophy.

I once read something that sums up this ideology quite nicely (the following is taken from the Suppressed Histories Archives):

“I got a query from an attendee of the Woman Shaman dvd screening in Vienna, asking about how witches relate to shamanism and both to goddesses. You might also be interested in my reply: “I see witches (the original, not the demonized version) as on the continuum of shamanism. We are rather stuck with language, having to use a Siberian word to describe generally ecstatic practices and spiritual cultures that vary considerably from place to place, though they have much in common. Mikogami are on that continuum, so are African izangoma and banganga. “It’s a spectrum: we can not in fact draw sharp lines that say this is a shaman, but that can not be.”

What I believe Max Dasha of Suppressed Histories Archives is saying is that everything is related. To separate anything from the whole is pointless, as it does nothing more than separate our essential being from the very thing we (and a shaman, witch and heathen) are an inseparable and holistic part of. Shaman, witch, heathen; whichever name you call it, they fundamentally speak of the same thing.

So, how do we know what the original way of being and the original way of life is? What existed at the beginning, and what was the original template for all that we know today (in a million different forms)? It’s difficult to know and answer these questions properly, because so much information was and has been changed, reinterpreted, adulterated and modified over time. This site tries to answer these questions, as well as imagine and speculate what the old ways or original ways once were and still are.

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